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Neji X Little!Reader
~For AkatsukiAshley
Hope ya like it :D~
"____! Let go of my hair!" Neji yelled while pulling his hair away from the toddler.
"No!" ____ yelled and pulled harder making Neji's face meet the floor.
Neji got up and glared at her.
"I'm just going out with my friends ____." He sighed.
"I don't want you too!" she whined and run up to him and hugged him, burying her face on his white shirt and started crying.
Neji sighed and started stroking the girl's (h/l) (h/c) hair.
"Would you, like to come?" he asked.
The girl looked up at him and grinned.
"Yes!" she exclaimed and hugged Neji's neck.
Neji scooped the girl in his arms, put on his shoes and went to the training field to meet his friends.
When he got there, he was greeted by his female teammate, Tenten.
"Neji, what took you so long?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.
Then she notice _____ in Neji's arms and snatched her away from him.
"You are so cute!" she rubbed her cheek onto hers.
"Let me go! Neji-niisan!" she whined and Neji to
:iconblue-divine:Blue-Divine 537 89
Just Ask [Neji Hyuuga Ficlet]
Neji sighed in annoyance as he once again heard the annoying whispering of [Name] behind him as he walked down the streets of Konoha. Although, Neji didn't quite know why he considered it to be whispering when he could clearly hear her as if she were standing next to him. He didn't understand her; perhaps she had been hanging around Sakura and Ino for too long. Seriously, she could tell him everything she was 'whispering' to them now to his face and he wouldn't get annoyed by it. It was the whispering that was most annoying to him.
When a few particularly suggestive idea's came out of her mouth, Neji rolled his eyes but continued on. He wondered if [Name] knew that he was keeping up with everything that she was saying so that he could come back to her later on in the day. But then, of course she knew he was. Otherwise, she wouldn't be putting so much trouble into 'whispering' and following him around constantly when he was busy trying to do other things.
Finally, Neji decided that he c
:iconmz-hyde:Mz-Hyde 103 8
Naruto Truth or Dare -Sauske-
"Kurai, I dont want to play!" You complained once again for the third time but with no avail.Kurai smirked and grabbed onto your arm "You've got no chooice!"She said and threw upher other hand doing a handsign andyou poofed in a cloud of shadows.
"How nice of you to join us, ____-chan!"Tenten greeted you with a laugh and you glared at her "This is your doing then?"
"It's Ino's party. I just thought you'd like to join."
You opened your mouth to reply butKurai cut you off "Told you I could get her here! Now give me my chocolate!"Tenten grinned and tossedher a bag of minnie chocolate bars "Thanks Tenten-chan!~" You rolled your eyes "What silly game are we going to play this time?"
"Truth or dare."
"Perfect." You grumbled sitting down cross-legged on the ground. "And it's your turn." You rolled your eyes "Doubly perfect."
Ino threw a lot of parties, at this oneyou saw most of our usual group. Team Gai, Team 7, Team 8 and Team 10. You should have known that she would have thrown this one to
:iconxxstardragonxx:XxStarDragonxX 70 3
Naruto Truth or Dare -Neji-
"This movie is so.. boring!" You cried out immidetly getting shushed by the girls surrounding you. Tonight of all nights Ino decided to throw a slumber party. All of the girls were there, even Temari from Suna! "It's so.. sappy!" More hushes and a pillow was thrown at you.
"Dont tell me your enjoying this movie too Tenten!" Tenten was the only other girl on your team, you found it hard to beilive she enjoyed.. ugh.. romace movies. "Shhh! ___-chan." You huffed crossing your arms. The girls 'awwed' as the two main people embrassed in a kiss "Oh gag me!"
"Just go get some popcorn or something!" Sakura complained "Gladly." You muttered watching disgusted as the two lovers started peeling off cloths. 'I thought this was a family movie!' You chuckled to yourself "Well, I geuss thats how you make a family!"
You went through Ino's cabnits pulling out a bag of popcorn tossing it into the microwave and getting a big bowl, leaning against the counter as it popped. You would rather be trai
:iconxxstardragonxx:XxStarDragonxX 147 49
Naruto Truth or Dare Shikamaru
You and Shikamaru were complete opposites in every single way. He was lazy, you were hyper. You were bubbly, he was not, you loved him, he couldn't stand you. Or at least thats what it seemed like, so you pretty much stayed away from him.
You were sitting down enjoying a bowl of beef ramen when someone sat down beside you, you slurped up a noodle and smiled "Hi Hinata-chan!"
The other girl smile shyly, like she always did "Hello ____-chan. " She said quietly and you grinned widely "You here to eat?" You asked her prepared to call the cook back. She shook her head fiddling with her fingers "Then whats up?"
"I was wondering if you would go to Ino's party with me? Kiba is making me go and I just thought you'd like to come." Or in other words she would be at your side most of the party. You didn't mind though, Hinata-chan was one of your bestfriends.
"Okay Hinata-chan! When is it?"
"Now." She said with a small smile you grinned and jumped up placing money on the table "Thanks! It wa
:iconxxstardragonxx:XxStarDragonxX 68 9
Naruto Truth or Dare -Gaara-
Truth or (Dare)
"Hey! ____-chan!"
You looked up from the book you were reading and gave a light smile, "Hello, Naruto-kun. How are you?"
You had been friends with the blond energeticyoung adultfor awhile now. He was very kind, and a great sparring partner. Not to mention he was very funny too!
He grinned sitting infront of you cross-legged. "You just got back from your mission today, didn't you?"you nodded putting a place in my book closing it. Usually when Naruto stopped to talk to you it would take awhile.. Just whenyou were getting to a good part too!
But he was telling the truth,your mission was to escort the Kazekage toyour village. Apparently he had something to show to the Hokage or something like that. During the whole trip the red-headed Kazekage barely even looked to you.You remember seeing him whenyou were younger butyou never spoke to him. Not out of fear but you never were the talkative person.
"So what better way to relax then going to a party!" Naruto suggested fixing hi
:iconxxstardragonxx:XxStarDragonxX 99 22
Sai X Reader
~~~ Please comment before you fave :please:
    Thank you ^_^
     Let me know if there are some mistakes :D~~~
Sai watched the (h/c) haired girl, admiring her favorite flower. The wind blew, making her (h/l) (h/c) locks flow with the wind and some cherry blossoms were surrounding her, making her even more beautiful.
Sai sighed and blushed even more, not paying attention to Sakura's rant. Sakura gave Sai a confused look and waved her hand in front of Sai.
"Sai, are you listening?" she asked.
She sighed and looked to where Sai is looking. Sakura saw _____, she was looking at her favorite flower. Sakura then turned back to Sai and saw that he had a tint of pink spread across his face. He was even smiling. Not a fake one, but a real one!
Sakura chuckled and slap Sai's back, making the boy snapped out of his thoughts.
"Just go talk to her already Sai." She reassured him.
Sai scratch his cheek with his index finger and took out a book from his po
:iconblue-divine:Blue-Divine 461 120
Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Shino
         After a very long time of waiting, it's finally your turn to pick an item. You walked up to stand next to Jiraiya and placed your hand in the bucket. You twirled your hand around inside and got tangled in something. It was a necklace with a firefly at the center. “Oh, this is really pretty. Who's item is this?”
“It's mine. I'm glad you like it. You can keep it if you'd like, I don't exactly wear jewelry.” Shino walked over to you from the corner. You couldn't tell if he was happy to have been picked or not due to his monotone voice and the fact that most of his body was covered.
“Thank you. That's really sweet of you.” You smiled happily and tried to place the necklace around your neck.
Shino quickly came to help you. “Here, let me help you.”
“You two are actually really cute together. Maybe I should consider a job as a match maker.” Jiraiya let out a loud laugh. “Anyway, lets get you tw
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 446 89
You Need a Guardian. Shikamaru x Reader
          The sharp, stabbing pain in your abdomen was getting worse, and fast. Due to the fact that you were supposed to be patrolling, you'd dealt with the pain as long as you could. If it got much worse, however, you weren't going to be able to stay awake. It wasn't at all like you abandon your post, but this once, you felt you had no choice. You wouldn't be any good patrolling the village like this anyway.  “Just a little farther. Come on legs, you can make it.” You tried to make yourself walk, but the pain was actually making you light headed. Unable to continue, you dropped down to your knees and tightly wrapped your arms around your waist.
“Hey, are you okay?” Shikamaru's mellow, familiar voice cut through the buzzing sound that filled your head. Somehow, he always showed up when you needed him, this was no exception. He quickly knelt down next to you and placed his hand on your back. “Are you injured?”
Unable to
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 242 24
Gaara x Reader - Love is War
Hey there.. Yes, I know it has been a month.  I will have you know: each and every time I entered this site, a wave of guilt flashed over me.  THEREFORE, I will try to upload all the fanfics for people within the next 24 hours.
I do not own any of the Naruto Franchise or brand. However, the characters might take over your life on a regular basis: which is out of my control.
This was a request ☺ and a dare haha
Gaara x Reader – Love is War
Frustrating, Irritable, Lovable.
“What do you like about me?” Gaara asks you.
“Hmm, you are a bit frustrating, irritable, annoying…” You state before getting cut off.
A simple “Tch” escaping his mouth.
“But you are also very lovable, Gaara.” You say afterwards, bringing a pink tint to his face with the way his name rolls off your tongue and at the comment you just made.
>time skip broug
:iconkawaiicaligirl:kawaiiCaliGirl 95 22
Beach: Naruto x Reader: Cramp
"I challenge you to a game of volleyball!" Naruto pointed a finger at Sasuke, eyes blaring with fiery determination.
"Hn," was Sasuke's reply. He didn't make a move to acknowledge Naruto was talking to him.
You thought it would be a wonderful chance for you to play volleyball with your long time crush, Naurto. It has been four entire weeks since you last played volleyball and you were dying to lay your hands on a volleyball.
"Can I play?" you hopped up to Naruto.
"But your foot… didn't you injure your knee four weeks ago and the doctor told you to rest for six weeks?" asked Naruto.
Right so four weeks ago, you though you'll show off by spiking but took the wrong step and dislocated your knee. Again. Fifth time this year.
"I can still play!" you hopped by twirled and landed on your butt. "Ow."
Naruto laughed and helped you up, patting you up and down to clean the sand off you. "Next time, dattebayo! Today I'm going to beat Sasuke! Let's see… Kiba! I'm going to compete agai
:iconconnnnie:connnnie 322 45
Baby Steps Naruto x Reader
      “Come on, just a little farther, you can do it. I'm here to help you. Just grab my hand.” With wide eyes, a bright smile and outstretch arms, Naruto urged his son, just old enough to start walking to let go of you and waddle over to him. Unfortunately, the small, timid little boy had very little interest in doing anything other than clinging to you. Every time Naruto would call for him, he'd shake his head, covered in messy blond hair, shut his bright blue eyes and clutch to you even tighter than before. Despite his son's reluctance, and the fact that it was quickly nearing his bed time, Naruto remained eager to complete the task. “I bet he'd walk to you, why don't we try that?”
“Maybe he's not ready to walk yet. He's still a little young after all. I don't want to push him if he isn't ready.” Protective, even when it came to friends and family, you lifted the small boy, who was almost the spitting image of Naruto into your arms
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 350 40
7 Minutes in Heaven: Shino X Reader
You had been one of the first person's to draw their number, hoping that was a sign you sat impatiently waiting for your number to be called. You thought it had been kind of cool that you had gotten the number zero. Setting the number down you glanced around the room to see Ino conversing to Sakura about Sasuke, Shikamaru taking a nap, and Choji eating all was normal with your friends. Though someone was missing your two quiet friends where no where to be found when Hinata suddenly popped out in front of you startling you back so that you hit the person behind you. Glancing behind you to see no one you where starting to feel confused you knew that you had hit someone but who?
"U-ummm ________-chan I think it's your turn."
"What but they've been calling the number eight. I have zero."
"M-may-b-be you got-t the numbers mixed up."
Shrugging your shoulders and picking up your slip of paper up more to humor Hinata then anything else, because you knew you had gotten the number zero. Opening
:iconkooritora:KooriTora 196 29
Too Cute Kazekage!Gaara x Fem!Reader
The sun was blazing down on the buildings of Sunagakure. (Y/n) (L/n) was out eating lunch with her best friend Temari.
“What have you been working on lately?”You asked.
“I’ve learned how to do a few new tricks with my fan.”Temari answered.
“I heard Tenten is coming to Suna to visit us! We should totally have a sleepover while she’s here!” You exclaimed.
“Totally! We can have it at my house.”
You nodded. “So it’s settled. We can go greet Tenten when she comes later today.”
Your POV
You went to a small park to rest for a little before you went to greet Tenten. Sitting on this swing brought back memories for you.
You were 7 years old when you met Gaara for the first time. You wanted to go to the park that day and you went there alone for the first time. You brought a shovel and pail so you could play in the sandbox. Your favorite things at the park were the sandbox and the swings. When yo
:iconangelofindividuality:AngelofIndividuality 401 51
Gaara x reader parenting
Garra x reader parenting
"You're doing what?" A slightly surprised and irritated gaara asked you.
"I'm going out for the day with some friends and leaving you with our son Airi," you replied arms folded more than ready to leave for the day.
"B-but you can't do that..." Garra stalled trying to think of one reason no matter how silly it sounded.
"Look Gaara," you began, "I know this is going to be your first time looking after your son alone and I know that just the thought of it seems daunting enough,  but I wouldn't be willing to leave him with you unless I had some faith in you." Your words seemed to comfort Gaara a little but it was still clear that he was scared. Having no real parents of his own meant that he had known idea how to be a good fatheer. Without your helpful hints and instructions he might not have made it this far. Your eyes drifted to your watch noticing the time, you were already late.
"Ok I know I only agreed to have the baby to protect your reputation but you
:icontealovingstorywriter:TeaLovingStoryWriter 185 36
sick | gaara x reader
Apparently your system was sick of seeing Gaara because the moment you had laid eyes on him this morning your body heaved out the remains of your breakfast in the nearest trash bin. At first he had no idea what to do. To be honest, he was internally panicking but he finally pulled himself together and helped you hold your hair and rub your back, ordering you to stay in bed for the next forty-eight hours.
Despite your protests, you were now currently in your bed being watched over by the Kazekage himself. Why? You had no clue, but you presumed it was better than nothing.
"Your temperature is through the roof."
"Yeah, I figured."
"Do you need anything?"
"No, I think I'm good."
"Apple juice?"
"No, Gaara I thi--"
"Gaara, that won't be neces--"
"Or maybe some soup?"
His aqua eyes found your own, waiting for your next move. You sighed. He was just trying to be helpful after all.
"I appreciate you being here and trying to take care of me, like seriously I really do, but d
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 261 11


Beautifully done, I love how you did this piece the flowers are very detailed as is the border. The pose of the two is beautiful and ha...


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